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Agresso simulation elearning written specifically for your organisation.

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Ensure your staff get the most out of Agresso

If you are implementing Unit4 Business World (Agresso) within your organisation, we can help with the training. Bespoke elearning provided by us will show your users how to use the system correctly. And if you have already been using Unit4 Business World for some time but want to ensure your staff fully understand how to get the most out of your ERP system, we can help with that too.

Our courses can be broken down into individual tasks

Allowing a user to quickly find out how to perform a particular action and practise the steps.

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Our Experience

Working with Embridge Consulting, we have delivered a number of Agresso projects, including work for Lincolnshire County Council and Sanger. Most notably, we provided 68 elearning courses to BT, Westminster Council, Kensington & Chelsea Council and Fulham & Hammersmith Council. These courses covered a range of tasks within Unit4 Business World from the HR and Finance functions.  From booking annual leave to updating personnel details, managing long-term sickness and producing financial reports, our elearning covered all that users needed to know from go live. The project was extremely successful and the elearning has been completed tens of thousands of times across the userbase. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Agresso elearning needs.

Interactive Learning

We use modern learning techniques – based on the traditional Tell Me/Show Me/Try Me approach – to ensure that your users fully understand how to use your Agresso implementation to complete the various tasks required of them. The Tell Me section outlines how to use Agresso to complete a task. The Show Me section is an annotated video, showing how the application is used. Finally, the Try Me section provides a simulation of Agresso, and provides the learner with a scenario relevant to a task they would need to complete. They can work through the simulation practising the steps required to complete the task. To cater for all learning styles, we suggest that the Tell Me and Show Me sections of the course are optional. Some learners will prefer to dive straight in and try the simulation. Others will prefer to read how to use the application first, whilst other learners prefer to observe how to use the application first before trying it for themselves. This approach ensures all learning styles will get the most out of our elearning. Contact us today to request access to an example course and see how our method can improve your staff’s understanding of how to use your Agresso system.

Improved Results

The Try Me section doubles up as the assessment for the elearning. Learners are first presented with a scenario, and then shown a reminder of the steps required to complete the task. They then work through the simulation of the application to complete the course. At the end of the Try Me section, the learner is given a score. The more times they had to remind themselves of the steps required and request a hint, the lower their score. We can work with you to determine a passing score for the courses. Optionally, this score is submitted to your LMS once they have completed the simulation, and this is kept on their training record. The important thing is that you know that, by completing the Try Me simulation, the learner has demonstrated that they fully understand how to use your software.

Embridge Consulting

Embridge Consulting, a leading ERP solutions provider and Unit4 partner, choose GLAD Solutions exclusively to provide elearning for their implementation rollouts. By choosing us to deliver your elearning, you benefit from our elearning expertise and Embridge Consulting’s Unit4 Business World experience.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Read some kind words from our happy clients.

The courses have been a success, having been taken tens of thousands of times in total across a user base of approximately 10,000. Where our system has been changed, GLAD have worked with us to keep the content up-to-date within a very short time frame.

Sean Powley, BT Global Services

GLAD Solutions showed tremendous efficiency and flexibility to complete the work on time. They brought on extra staff – at no additional cost to us – when project demands meant that we had a shortened delivery timeframe. Their professionalism and willingness to do what it takes to complete the project on time was hugely beneficial to the successful launching of our programme.

Christina Wilhelm, Avnet Technology

I worked with GLAD on an LMS implementation. Throughout the project they were continually proactive in troubleshooting, finding solutions, suggesting enhancements and project managing - exhausting all possibilities to find the solution.

Stuart Beaumont, Cornerstone OnDemand

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Agresso simulation elearning written specifically for your organisation.

  • Modern learning techniques
  • Determine a passing score for the courses
  • Outlines how to use Agresso
  • Cater for all learning styles
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