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Data Protection requirements are changing. Use elearning to make your organisation compliant with the latest data protection laws.

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Use elearning to improve your data protection compliance

We understand that your staff need to know their responsibilities in various Data Protection matters.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is becoming law by 25th May 2018, so it is vital that your organisation is prepared for the change. Using elearning for your Data Protection training is one of the easiest options which allows you to track who in your organisation has completed the training. It is a cost effective way to deliver training, and ensures everyone receives the same message within your organisation.

Beyond simply ticking boxes, we will use case studies and scenarios to bring the topic alive triggering interest in data protection and translating the learning back to the workplace.

Bespoke data protection elearning integrates your organisations policies and procedures to make sure your employees know what to do to protect the valuable data your organisation uses.


Our bespoke Data Protection Courses includes built-in tests and tracking to help you fulfil your mandatory training and reporting obligations.

Staff who are well trained in regulatory requirements are less likely to make a mistake that could cost you thousands or millions in penalties and fines. Protect your organisation with effective data protection training.

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Bespoke Data Protection Training with Elearning

Our custom elearning data protection training solutions can help with very detailed and specific compliance issues. We work with you to ensure that your compliance culture is understood throughout the whole organisation. Organisations choose customised data protection elearning instead of off-the-shelf training to ensure the training package focuses on their specific regulatory needs. So staff can comply with new regulations quickly and effectively. With case studies, scenarios, content and test questions written specifically for your organisation, you can trust that the training is relevant for your staff. Adding your policies and procedures to the training will make sure your employees know what to do to protect the valuable data your organisation uses.  Discover how bespoke data protection elearning can protect your organisation.

Tailored Learning Scenarios

We build tailored scenarios into your data protection training to really make the elearning relevant to your workplace. Working with your Subject Matter Experts, we build applicable and practical scenarios that test your learner’s understanding in real-world situations. Challenging scenarios are used to personalise the learning journey. We understand that data protection training is often taken at regular intervals, and some learners are familiar with the learning points. Demanding scenarios test their understanding and direct them to the gaps in their knowledge to ensure your organisation remains compliant in the training of your teams.

Auditing & Tracking

All our elearning conforms to SCORM standards. This means you can use your elearning on any LMS platform you wish. You can have automatic auditing and reporting from within your LMS platform. Auditing helps you stay in control and efficiently maintain detailed training records. You can prove that your staff understand new laws and regulations. Your company can protect itself by demonstrating due diligence. Demonstrate due diligence through trackable and auditable training.

Cost-effective elearning

Brilliant bespoke elearning does not have to break the budget. When we create your elearning, we assign all Intellectual Property and Copyright claims to you. As long as you are hosting on your own LMS, there are no license fees, renewal fees or hosting costs to pay us. We simply charge a one-off development fee to deliver the elearning for you. And we offer free minor amendments for up to six months after you have gone live with your elearning.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Read some kind words from our happy clients.

The compliance training engaged staff and led to a dramatic improvement in training completion rates.

Brian White, Head of Compliance

We were impressed with the content produced by GLAD, which went beyond our expectations.

Jessica Goodman, Risk Manager

The finished products were highly engaging and we received great feedback from the users.

Roland Beech, Director of Regulatory Compliance

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Proven track record

  • Cost-effective
  • Custom development
  • Engaging content
  • Works with any LMS platform
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