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Cognito365 is an LMS perfect for providing elearning to employees and customers

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Cognito365 LMS Features

A Tin Can compatible LMS, Cognito365 gives you detailed information about how your users have engaged with your elearning. Advanced reports and a clean, modern interface.

Unlimited bandwidth and transparent pricing means you know what the costs are for using Cognito365


Cloud-based, no installation

With no installation required, or servers to maintain, you can be up and running with your LMS in no time at all.


Advanced Reporting

Using Tin Can (xAPI), Cognito365 brings you detailed report and allows users to save progress to their own Learning Record Store (LRS).

Your Branding

By adding your organisation’s logo, branding guidelines, colours, images and domain URL, your LMS will fit your branding.

Mobile Enabled

Because your learners may want to access content on-the-go, we have designed Cognito365 to work on tablets and smartphones

Certification & Gamification

You can create custom certificates for completing certain courses or allow points to be awarded to make use of gamification.


Course Builder

This optional add-on allows you to create your own courses in Cognito365 and set tests and assessments to measure learner performance in courses you create

Improve your compliance procedures

Using Cognito365 you can ensure that your organisation remains compliant


Allow users to self-register on your platform to gain access to training you provide. Ideal for providing training to customers and partners.


If you want to charge for access to your courseware, this optional add-on allows you to set prices and take payments.

Detailed insights and reports

xAPI technologies allow you to really understand how learners have engaged with and understood your elearning content using detailed granular reports.

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Guaranteed Availability

Nothing is more frustrating than learning not being available when it’s needed. We have guaranteed uptime levels and fast server connections to ensure a great user experience.

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Certify your employees

Ensure your staff have understood requirements around data security, anti-bribery, AML or any of your compliance courses with certificates produced on passing the course.


Set Due Dates

Many compliance courses need to be taken on a recurring basis. Set due dates to ensure that compliance elearning is completed by your staff when you need.

Email Reminders

Use custom email reminders to notify staff of new, approaching due or overdue elearning courses, and explain why it is important to your organisation that courses are completed.

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