System training can come across as a dull and tedious chore for both employers and employees. Although it may seem hard to create something that is alive and engaging, it is not impossible. We want to give you the low down on designing bespoke systems training. Here are some useful tips to ensure your learners don’t fall asleep!

Who said you can’t change the impossible? Not us!

I find it important to remember that, if you are not learning how to do something then it is not training.

Systems Training introduces new technology and/or a change in work place policies. The goal is improving employees’ performance on the job. System training can allow learners to train in a ‘safe’ and non-live environment.

How can we make this alive and engaging?

For instructional designers, there are factors to consider when prioritizing tasks. Making a course task-based instantly takes it to a training implement rather than a presentation. Learners do not learn unless they get involved and think about problems from their own perspectives.

Factor One  – Importance of the Task

This one may seem obvious, but the more critical the task the higher it needs to be on your list. Importance is the most important factor to consider.

Factor Two – Task Frequency

How often are your learners going to be performing the task, will they need more, or less, training for it?

Factor Three – Task Difficulty

You should consider how hard a task will be to learn, especially in system training. If it is a more difficult task, it needs to be moved up in the prioritized list to ensure more emphasis is exerted on it.

Factor Four – Learner Experience

The last thing to consider is how much experience learners already have with a task. Is this a new system and new tasks or a new system with familiar tasks carried out in a different way? If it is just slight changes to a technology system they are already familiar with, you may be able to decrease the priority of the task in favour of something more complex.

Once you’ve worked out the importance and priorities between the tasks needed to address, the fun begins in bringing the training alive! Try to focus tasks on the system processes, especially concerning what the learners will be using. The Articulate Community has an article on Factors for Prioritizing Tasks in more detail.

Engaging system training with the use of scenarios.

Incorporate scenarios to bring the course alive, and engage the learners interest in the training. Software simulation can make good content for scenarios. Pick out key areas to challenge learners and prepare them for the live-data version of the system.

Training helps competency in systems and new technology, help learners across to where they need to be.

Building scenarios around the software processes can bring it to life, it can help learners see when they will use it in real-life. Present them with real situations by explaining a scenario that identifies opportunities to apply the knowledge. Give them the challenge to contemplate what they would do next if they were in that position. Think of a choice or decision and potential actions. Just the same as any other scenario. By incorporating realistic details and elements you can give the scenario more context to stand on. Put them in a scenario that challenges the training at hand and what consequences can be illustrated. Consequences will then be subject, depending on how they respond and how much knowledge they have.

Bring the training more alive with software simulations

To tailor a bespoke system training course even further, why not capture the system they will be using? Designing an interactive training page where they can input any data, or hot-spot key areas, can create engagement with the learners. Remember, if you’re just presenting information to them, they aren’t having the opportunity to engage and potentially not learning. Let them have a go, they’re more likely to remember if you get their brain thinking!

See, designing bespoke system training isn’t so scary, is it?

Two small words ‘System Training’ and one simple solution, ‘Involve Me’.

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