We are always on the lookout to expand our skills and what better way than choosing fun topics to experiment with.  As the Christmas holidays are drawing nearer we thought we would liven up the office building with an e-learning elf on the shelf, you can check out our elf’s adventures by following us on twitter @GLADSolutions. We took this a stage further by using the elf theme to produce a fun quiz.

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In all seriousness, fun themes can work well in e-learning, for a number of reasons; to provide a running narrative through a course, take learners away from the workplace, engage and aid retention. You don’t have to be too wild and wacky, we have successfully used a film noir theme in a course to provide a backdrop to an investigation.

Themes can be a great way to introduce a story and pull your learner into the learning.

Who says learning can’t be fun!

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